Aquaponic High School Biology Teacher

Hi All, I am looking for a High School Biology Teaching job that will allow me to set up my Aquaponics in the Classroom unit and teach to it. I have also developed On- line curriculum titled The Aquaponics Association’s Science of Aquaponics . Please see my resume for details.
Resume Ed Tivnan .pdf (148.7 KB)


Hello Eddy,

I have been given this same opportunity at a small school in Oklahoma. The school already has an aquaponics system and green house. I was wondering if I could get a link to your on-line curriculum?

Thank you
David Turner

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Hi David,

Here are three things for your consideration

  1. Here are the links to both the CK12 High School FlexBook and the Aquaponics Association Science of Aquaponics

  1. If you are interested in joining my class as a student which would give you the look and feel from a student’s perspective.
    Then please let me know and I can send you an invitation.

  2. Consider joining the Webinar that I teaching Thursday, Aug 18th, from 2-3 pm on CK12 Flexbooks,

All the best,
Ed Tivnan

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I was wondering will the webinar be recorded? I will be teaching during this time and yes I am interested in joining the class.

Thank you
David Turner

Yes. It will be recorded. I will send you a student invitation.

Sorry I didn’t get back, we started school and I have gotten busy. I would very much like a student invitation to review your webinar.