Aquaponic equipment

I ve an aquaponic system for sale. 6 fish tanks, fish nursery, 2 purge tanks, 4 grow rafts, and a seddling starter aquaponic system. Very cheap. Was 250k, listing for 25k.
Mary Rohrer
[email protected]

Sorry that you have to sell. 25k is still too much for a small backyard newbie grower like me, but i am curious why you have to sell. I looked at your webpage and thought maybe you were tying to start some sort of training facility for vets? Was there simply not enough interest or were you not able to raise product at a price the market would bear?
I have followed land based aquaculture for 40 years and typically people get in to the game thinking “How hard can it be?”. They see that aquaculture has been ongoing for thousands of years and at it’s basic level, it has to be simple. But when you are trying to compete against wild grown or countries that have near 0 employment costs or no environmental regulations, suddenly it’s a different story. I am wondering if this is what you found or if there is something else causing you to end your project?
Any way, i hope you have found or will find a buyer as it is so heart breaking to watch that go to waste! I watched a local firm with 6 million dollars invested in hdro/aquaponics a descade ago and when they failed i was able to watch on google earth the facilities deteriorate over time. Huge greenhouses shredded and collapsed… 60 foot dia. sunken fishtanks - collapsed. Poly rearing tanks and various equipment just left outside to degrade in the sun. Such a sad thing.
Good luck!
Rob Lak

Yes to all of the below.

I have sold it to an entrepreneur who has the financial capacity and able to use parts of it. He is a world wide fisherman and wants to use it to start up a business growing muskie because no one has been able to improve the population including the DNR.

But… he ‘s not interested in the plant portion though he bought it as it’s a package deal: grow media beds, grow rafts, 4 NFT channels, grow lights, et al. He would probably sell off that portion very reasonably. If interested , let me know and I will provide contact info.



Nice to hear it was put to good use.

If i was better positioned to take advantage of the remaining equipment i would look into it, but i am just starting my research for my new project, so it would sway my direction if i had it sitting around! LOL, Thanks you though. Maybe someone else here can put it to good use!