Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class Conference Special!

We are running a special with $50 off the Online Cannabis Class now the the end of the Virtual Aquaponic Cannabis Conference

Use Code: APMJ


Hi there,
I always find your content incredibly informative, so this does pique my interest.
How much does this course cost, how useful will it be to someone who can’t (legally) grow cannabis in their region currently, and how widespread is the pest guide?


I am also interested in the class, I have been growing using AP for a few years and find the idea of growing MJ in the system interesting. What is the total cost? Cheers :+1:

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This class is very useful for flowering crop producers. Almost all of the methods and techniques shown or demonstrated in this class are just as viable for flowering crop production. I will be filming a commercial advanced class this winter as well but the cannabis stuff because of our increased funding really is the cutting edge of current research thanks to our high price point at sale and research funding being 10x as much in cannabis.

The class is $650 and will be going up at the end of the year as we have added quite a bit to the class this year. If you use code APMJ now thru November 14th you can save $50 off the class. It features a mountain of lectures and slides as well as commercial farm tours behind the scenes looks at commercial farms, reference guides and much more. We also have 2 live sessions each month to give you a chance to ask your questions about the class as well.


Is this going to be online class ?

Yes the class is prerecorded and available any time day or night with 2+ live sessions each month to give you a chance to ask your questions as well. We record and add new content each month so the class is always growing.