April Webinar: Vertical Controlled-Environment Aquaponics in Puerto Rico

The Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinar for April is “Vertical Controlled-Environment Aquaponics in Puerto Rico” with Fusion Farms CEO, Kendell Lang. Register to save your spot: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Fusion Farms is the ‘fusion’ of water farming with aquaculture in a closed-loop, vertically-integrated CEAq Facility. Fusion Farms is an agriculture and biotechnology firm specializing in research, development, production and sale of leafy greens, living microgreens, and flowering vegetables. We use sustainable practices using harvested rainwater and an ecosystem fertilized with natural ammonia for an island that faces environmental, climate and economic challenges.

The PROBLEM that we solve is; Hurricane Maria destroyed 80% of the farms in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is not a Food Sovereign Island and food security is a huge threat to the entire population. The Island is a Net Importer of foodstuffs, importing almost 95% of the food which is consumed on the Island.

Our SOLUTION is; Hurricane-Protected Aquaponic Vertical Farm utilizing renewable energy, rainwater harvest, and an indoor vertical rack system to grow nutrient-rich food.

Our VALUE-ADDED Ingredient is; we manufacture our own fish food from what we grow in our ecosystem, which produces the ammonia-rich fertilizer that powers our CEAq engine.