April Webinar: Training the Next Generation of Aquaponic Farmers

Our monthly webinar for April is “Training the Next Generation of Aquaponic Farmers” from Researcher @SarahMilliken .

The Webinar will take place live, Saturday, April 17 at 11am EST.
Register here: http://bit.ly/AquaponicWorkforce

Ms. Milliken will introduce an open access aquaponics curriculum, [email protected], specifically developed for college students with a focus on entrepreneurial and transferable skills. As soilless food production technologies become increasingly important in light of climate change and the threat of food insecurity, there is an urgent need to provide an appropriately trained workforce.

The Webinar is free to the public during the live broadcast. The Webinar will remain available for free, in perpetuity to all Aquaponics Association Members in the Member’s Area of our Community Site.

Special thanks to @Eddytiv, Association Director of STEM Aquaponics, for organizing the webinar.

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Hi Brian,

Should we set up a webinar for my aquaponics survey results? I just defended my dissertation on Friday.



Congratulations Dr. Pattillo!


I would be glad to hear you about the survey results. Any update since AA2020 ?

Yes, I have 5 different chapters that I cover for hobbyists, producers, and educators



Allen! Yes this is a good idea, i will contact you. I think your results would be great to share.

Thank you for the presentation of aquaponics curriculum, [email protected] Very instructive educational support.
The part "Output 6: Entrepreneurial Skills texbook " is interesting specifically to allow to have an idea on how to prepare and participate the acces to European Grants.
Developing an Aquaponic project in Europe is not easy and obtaining European funding is indeed another challenge.

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You can now watch the recorded webinar here: