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Looking for additional ideas to assist in pest management issues as I am actively dealing with a moderate outbreak of Aphids.

Briefly, I am currently running my system decoupled (my system can run coupled or decoupled). System consists of (2) 60’x4’ DWC beds and a 600 gallons RAS. At the moment I am using Trifecta Crop Control at 2oz per gallon run through an electronic atomizer every 3 days. I am fogging my lettuce on top of my float trays for 2-3 minutes.

I cannot find any support online for the use of this particular product in AP systems , however I have a local producer who has used it in an AP system with no issue and insist it worked for him… With no support I am hesitant to increase the strength of the mixture not knowing what the impact to my fish population could be.

I am not getting the results I want at the moment. Interested in what others have had success with.


We use green lacewings to control aphids. If aphid infestation exceeds biological control, try Pyganic.

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I have a long playlist of aquaponic pest control options.

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Very helpful. Thank you I have reviewed several today.

Think i will start here and move into bio controls. I am dealing with a pretty solid outbreak right now. Thank you for the info.

Knock back the population with like a botaniguard ES BotaniGard® ES | BioWorks or mycotrol Mycotrol® WPO | BioWorks and alternate with PFR 97 PFR-97 WDG Microbial Insecticide for 2 weeks spraying every other day then release lacewings Green Lacewing Larvae | Effective Aphid Control and orius Minute Pirate Bug (Orius insidiosus) Beneficial Predator to finish off the stragglers. Can also add rove beetles too if you really want to be sure! No Survivors! image


Awesome response, thank you!

So I started with the Pyganic last night. 1.25 oz to one gallon through my atomizer. I have pvc hoops over my DWC so i pulled plastic over the beds and fogged them for 2-3 minutes. Next I pulled back the plastic after the fog settled and directly applied to my plants with the atomizer. It blows hard enough to turn the leaves over to apply the product to the underside of the leaves. (Meanwhile i closed the loop back to my fish tanks for the night as to not recirculate any product that made it to the water back to the fish).

This morning aphids are laying dead everywhere! I will definitely be able to begin a management rotation at this point and move to bio-assisted control. I have “re-coupled” my RAS to my DWC this morning. Assuming there is no impact to my fish this will have been a big win for me. I will keep you posted. Thankful for this feedback and all the other info that has been provided. Thank you

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Glad it helped! Be sure to review anything you spray for possible harm to your fish if the spray is going to hit the water. And you may want to delay re-coupling longer.

When you’re ready for biological controls, we buy from bioline and beneficial insectary. Both can work with you to select the best good bugs for your environment.


Thank you for the tip. I am searching for bio controls now. I will check this site. I am thankful for your help. I am VERY pleased with the results.
Mat Gaskins

I recently had this issue as well. I started with biological controls, using lace wings and a parasitic wasp. Try as they might, they were not able to eat fast enough. SInce my aquaponics bed is in the basement, the ladybugs that have overwintered in my house emerged from the woodwork. Wow!!! they did the trick. Ladybug larvae did what the other two and diatomaceous earth could not without pesticides!! Bye Bye aphids.

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As a follow-up;
The ladybug larvae were great until they peupated into bugs. Then there were no more larvae and aphids are a little outta control again.
Working on planting stuff they hate.

do a release of lacewing larva Green Lacewing Larvae | Effective Aphid Control