Anyone has contacts to Raincoast Aquaponics?

I was invited to help a university in China translate the book “The Aquaponics Farmer” by Raincoast Aquaponics, and have a few questions about the book.

I tried to contact Adrian with the email provided but was unable to reach his email. It goes "Your message couldn’t be delivered because an email server outside Office 365 returned an error that indicates that the recipient’s domain (the text after the “@” symbol in the recipient’s email address) doesn’t exist. " I was not able to submit the contact form on his website either.

If anyone has contacts, please let me know. Thank you very much.


It might be easer to contact through Linkedin.


What’s Adrian’s last name?

Theres alot of bad info in that book just FYI. they have some kooky ideas on mineral levels and UV that are flat out wrong and will cause your system to fail. While alot of it is good i would definitely edit some of it to ensure they are successful. Iv had to removed a few UVs now thanks to that book causing people to buy them as one example.

His last name is Southern, Adrian Southern. Do you have his contact? Thanks.

Unfortunately, I can’t edit the book, but I’ll definitely mention it in Foreword. Are there any other points you believe I should warn readers about? Thanks.

Thank you, Jeff. I sent messages on his social accounts and business website. Still waiting for reply.

Id have to dig out my copy but they had some not great ideas on pest control, UV sterilizers, and mineralization.

Sorry, I was thinking it might be another aquaponic Adrian.