Any tips on getting rid of Thrips on Edible flowers?

We have tried neem oil but it damages the leaves as well. Are there any better alternatives? Has anyone tried this? PureCrop1, Products, Commercial, Hydroponics, Personal, sizes

Thank you!

I hate Thrips with avengeance.

Be careful, they bite and when they bite they bite.

They are attracted to the colours Blue and Yellow, so glue up some A4 card and dot it around the greenhouse.

Peppermint Oil used with a fogger will give you maximum coverage.

I’ve dealt with thrips many times in our Organic aquaponics farm. We use Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad as the active ingredient and also Azamax. We do a 4 week rotation where we rotate 2 uses of each product and it usually kills them by the end of it. Only organic way I’ve ever been able to get rid of them. Doesn’t hurt the fish or the biology in my experience.


Unfortunately Azamax was recalled not long ago for unlabeled ingredients and is no longer organic certified Notice: AzaMax - AgriScience Labs

Thankfully the cannabis industry tests there products.

Use Beauvaria Bassiana products or cucumeris mites.

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As far as I’m aware, the 2018 recall was resolved and the product is OMRI listed again.

We have used predatory mites many times in the past with very limited success. We have used Mycotrol, a BB product with decent broad spectrum success. The only thing we have ever used that completely eliminated thrips was the combination of Azamax and spinosad. Just my experience.


Thank you for all of the recommendations. Will give them a try.

Do you guys think foggers are more efficient for applying? does it destroy the structures of organic pesticides, and thus reduce the efficiency?

foggers are good for chemical controls but kill biological controls.


Monterey Garden Insect Spray works great with foggers. Thank you for the recommendation Pretty much all of the thrips were gone in no time.