Airlift from Glenn

Hello AAA team,

Has anyone heard from Glenn Martinez from Hawaii? I would like to get in touch as I bought a manual of him years ago and my external drive died which had the file on it (i know should have had a cloud backup).

I have tried the email addresses I had but they bounce…



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I tried to get in touch about a year and a half ago. Didn’t hear back. Loved his air lift though. Did it for a farm here in Jordan and lifted water about 3m. Was a fun experiment. If we still had the farm we would have probably used it as dragon tails for a separate aeration source in the hot summer months.

Thanks Jon,

I’d like to explore his airlift for moving water around my system. Do you have the tech drawings?



Unfortunately I think they were a victim of the hot Middle Eastern sun on my laptop haha. I have backups somewhere on these hard drives. Hmm…

I dont think he does aquaponics any more hes not posted anything in a long time and never responds to any one so i think hes checked out.