Air Pump Sizing for Mineralization

Hi everyone,

Will like to ask what is the guideline for the size of air pump required for aerobic mineralization?

Happy to hear of your experiences with regards to mineralization too!


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I use airlift to mix and aerate. The target lower DO limit is 2ppm.

With me it depends on the size and shape of my mineralization tank. So long as i get a good rolling and bubbling going on it works just fine from a 5 gall bucket too a full size barrel.
A dual outlet(converted to single outlet) aquarium pump in a barrel works for me. I add in small scrubbies to keep sides and bottom of barrel clean.

Here is a brief overview on mineralization I wrote while at the Aquaponic source which includes rules of thumb for sizing the mineralization tank


Excellent read! Thank you

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@Aquaponics4All thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it!

This is an excellent overview. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it.

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Thanks Vernon, I am glad you liked it!