Aeroponics & Fogponics

Understandably, this is an Aquaponics Association but in time you’ll discover like myself that Aquaponics is a poor investment of time, money and natural resources.

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There are plenty of YouTube videos to also entertain you.

For those stuck in China go to or send me you Wechat details and I post some videos.

Do aeroponics or fogponics produce fish?

If we will be needing to resort to land-based aquaculture to feed the planet, should we dump all the fish waste into the waterways and cause eutriphication… or grow lettuce with it???


Aeroponics & Fogponics doesn’t incorporate fish.

Eutrophication is a byproduct Aquaculture, Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Fogponics…

As you know it also contributes to algae blooms and duckweed.

The algae can be used to fuel biomass production.

The duckweed can be used to produce livestock feed.

The water if processed correctly can be recycled in evap tanks.

The remaining sludge can be filtered and depending on its toxicity can be bottled resold as either an AP kickstarter or fertiliser.

Worse case scenario the sludge can be incinerated.

All these processes you’re talking about… harvesting algae from waterways, processing it, filtering water, treating sludge…

Sounds a lot like aquaponics just less efficient and with a far less valuable byproduct.

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Duckweed production example:

Algae production example:

There is countless ways to profit of the sludge like adding it anaerobic digesters to produce methane and fertiliser.

But from experience touring and working in China, they have a major issue with Eutrophication in its waterways and reservoirs.

I think, it was 2014… When my team and I was tasked to improve the waterways of Danjiangkou Reservoir in Shiyan, Hubei, China.

That was fun.

From a functional Aquaponics System there is no waste water or otherwise… maby a slit amount and that produces seedlings from the nutritionist.

Small amount of by pass

yup common knowledge.
Evap also occurs.