Advices for a new aquaponic farm to be establish in TOGO

Hello . I am new here. I am a national President of an NGO in Togo. We want to establish a new farm of aquaponic . Please I need advices in order to do it well. Thank you .


Iā€™d say the best advice I can give here is to ask specific questions on things you need or blockers for the project.

We have a wealth of experience between the people that have been doing ap on this forum, asking the right questions will encourage answers.

Otherwise you can check out the amazing advice and free resources of experts, universities, and large organizations here

I think it is good to see what others are already doing in your area. If you just type in aquaponics in Togo in a search engine, I think you might find at least a few other operators in Togo who would share their experience there (e.g., Support Aquaponics For The Village Of Light Blind Center In Togo | ABWE, Aquaponics in Togo | Fish Consulting Group, CWE Missions-Agricultural, Togo ā€“ SMM). Wishing you success.


okay thank you for your anwsers. I will follows them and come back to you later on.

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