A Free Aquaponics System Designer: Take the guesswork out of designing an aquaponics system

Planning a new aquaponics system?

We know you’re busy. That’s why we, at Aquaponics AI, created the Aquaponics System Designer to help you plan your system in just minutes.

You can find out how much water, fish and plants your system will need, as well as what size pump / filter is best for it. It also helps you figure out how much electricity the system needs and, when you’re ready, helps you with going off-grid with solar.

Answers common questions like:

  • How much feed should I give to my fish?
  • How big should my biofilter be?
  • How much money will I earn from my DWC raft?
  • How much power will my system use?
  • How much solar power will I need to offset my energy usage?
  • How much power do I need to heat my water in winter?
  • How does hole spacing affect my raft design?
  • How many fish should be in my tanks?
  • and many more…


The Aquaponics System Designer is FREE on our website so that you can start planning your next project today! And don’t forget to check back often because we’re always adding new features and updates to make designing even easier than before!

This designer was built with you in mind. It balances ease of use, beautiful UI, and scientific design. You can even SAVE AND SHARE your designs so you can get feedback, insights and tips from the pros.

If you’re a STEM educator (which I know most of you are) then you’re going to love how many questions this brings out of students. They can write pages and pages of reports, engage with data, see input variables, dependencies, and ultimately visualize how adjusting them changes the system as a whole.

The best part: you’ll always be up to date. The industry changes and we adapt. As research is released, we will make sure you have the latest information.

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