4/20 Aquaponic Cannabis Resource Megathread!

Aquaponic Cannabis General Information:

Aquaponic cannabis is becoming more popular than ever with new states legalizing production of our favorite plant monthly. Aquaponics unlike many other plants requires alot more nutrients to do well and thusly needs methods like Dual Root Zone Aquaponics to ensure proper nutrients and terpene production. For the High Holiday I have compiled a list of many resources for aquaponic cannabis growers who might be getting started in there aquaponic cannabis journey. Here are a bunch of both free and paid resources to help you grow the best medicine possible this grow season. And hey if you don’t grow cannabis these same resources can help you with all of your flowering and fruiting plants as well.

Aquaponic Cannabis 101

Aquaponic Cannabis Basics Part 1

Aquaponic Cannabis Basics Part 2

Regen Conference Presentation on Aquaponic Cannabis

Free Resources:




Fish Ganja Guy

[Silver Arm 32]
(silverarm32 - YouTube)

Aquaponic Dummbe

Autoflower Aquaponics


Growing with Fishes Podcast 500+ Hours of content on aquaponic cannabis and living soil growing. Youtube,Itunes,Soundcloud,Spotify

Insect Resources:

Aquaponic Cannabis Pest Control Playlist

Aquaponic Cannabis Pest Control with Mathew Gates

Zenthanol Cannabis Insect Expert

Breeder Steve the First Aquaponic Cannabis Grower to Document it

Dr James Rakocy Godfather of Aquaponics

Liane Keys of Habitat Life the only Salmon producing Aquaponic Cannabis Farm

Bain Howard of Vertica Aquaponics the Biggest Aquaponic Cannabis Producer in Oklahoma

Tommy Fox of Fish Sh!t

Dr. Robert Faust Aquaculture & Soil Humic/Fulvic Acid Expert

Facebook Group:
Aquaponic Cannabis Growers 8000+ Strong Community


Paid Resources:


Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class

Chris Trump Korean Natural Farming Coarse

Beneficial Insects and Probiotics:

Arbico Organics


Beneficial Insectory

Fish Safe Nutrients:

Aquaponic Cannabis Nutrients

Hope this helps you with your Journey. DM me if you’d like a link added or know of another good youtube channel or podcast.

Thanks so much for all these great resources @potentponics !!

We will put some of these videos in our video bank soon