2021 Hopin is not availabe. How to get access to replay section

I missed some of the all sessions . How can i get access to video i have missed ?

Unfortunately the conference is only available for the weekend on the Hopin platform, much like an in person conference would only be available for when it happens.

As for content you will hear from us soon.

I would also appreciate access to some of the meeting content. I could not replay any of the Friday sessions, even when the conference was still ongoing. I was under the impression that content would be available afterward, and had relayed that information to students and colleagues. Perhaps a clarification on what will be available? Thanks


I am in the same boat! It was my understanding that we would be able to watch sessions after the fact, so there were MANY that I missed, and I’m really feeling the loss of that information now, even one day post-conference.


Hi, I am sorry that they are not immediately accessible. @jon and I are trying to start getting them up within a few days and hopefully have them all up and accessible within 2 weeks.

We are still working with the Hopin platform as there is a delay in processing some of the videos and Jonathan and I will be one-by-one uploading them to a site you’ll have access to.

Also still gathering some powerpoints and will be sharing those soon, too.

Sorry again for the delay.



Where this video and power point will be accessible ? At what platform will they be ? Because hopin is not working ( And for how long video will be accessible on new place ?

Sorry for so many questions. With hopin it was a big surprise.

That make sense. Sorry for my impatience ) When that content will be )