2021 Conference Videos and Files

We are continuing to load videos, more will be available shortly. We have recordings for about 90% of the conference content.

Unfortunately there are about 10 Conference sessions for which recordings failed and are unavailable. We will be publishing a list of the videos that are unavailable and working with the presenters to re-record their presentations or otherwise make their content available to conference attendees.

(We must also note that there were several last-minute high-profile session additions that were never publicized that ARE available, such as the Ichthys tour, Agritecture presentation, Commercial RAS panel, Aquasol virtual tour, Horticulture panel, etc.)

I believe @Pluckit did not present the Bacteria War as planned at the Conference, is this correct @Pluckit ? Would you like to conduct a brief webinar at some point to share your material?


Tyaga, sorry for the misunderstanding… we are happy for you to show the content to students and family, but you would have to play the video yourself through this Aquaponics Community Site… no one without a conference login would be able to play the videos themselves.

@BrianFlip - aye cap’n I apologize - I will circle back to this.

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And that’s how it should be my dear friend. Thanks so much for all the extra effort.

Always love and feel at home

That is good to hear. I am will wait that list of the videos that are unavailable . Thank you so so much. That video with experiment on M1 M2 M3 and M4 tanks just shocked me.

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I was not an attendee of the conference. Is it possible to pay for access to the videos?

We are currently working on this as we speak. Thanks for asking! We’ll be discussing this at the next board meeting this week.

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Hi Brian.

How is progress with power point presentation going on ? Wanted to ask if power point presentation will be available ? I must be constantly talking about M1 M2 M3 and M4 experiment with mineralization tank. Still cant find this video ( or presentation. Please if you know what am i talking about can you provide access to this lecture in any kind of format.

Hi, I’ve just posted Pierre Foucard’s slides: https://community.aquaponicsassociation.org/t/pierre-foucard-presentations/2251

I’ve also posted all the slides we have in each presentation Topic here on the Community Site.

Unfortunately, Pierre’s presentations were part of the set that didn’t get recorded on Friday for technical reasons. As such, we have planned for Pierre as our speaker for the November Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinar. We’ll start the webinar promo tomorrow. Click here to register: Webinar Registration - Zoom

As always, Monthly Public Aquaponic Webinars will be available about a week after the Webinar in the Member’s Area.

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Hi Brian

the link to the webinar registration says the date is already passed. Did it really?

Please check here for the new webinar information


Hi Jon. It doesn’t seems the link is working anymore. Have you moved it somewhere else?

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