2 Free Conference Tix for Aquaponic System Tour?

Hi Friends,

We are looking for one or two more “Virtual Aquaponic Tours” for the “Together with Aquaponics” Conference coming up Oct 22-24!

We are looking for someone to produce a new 10- to 20-minute video tour of their aquaponics operation and be available for a 15-minute conference session to answer questions about your system to conference participants.

If you are interested, please message me or @jon personally here in the Aquaponics Community Site with a few pics of your system and a few sentences describing your operation and what you would include in your tour.

If we decide to feature your system tour we will give you two free conference tickets - a $400 value!

Thanks everyone!

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Hi Jon
Adrian from Island Aquaponics &Tilapia Hatchery
I am based in Hawaii and can prepare a video of our farm. This is our 5th prototype and we are in the process of putting together systems at five small farms and educational Center’s.

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Greetings Brian,

 We welcome the opportunity to host a virtual tour of our facility at Washington Middle School in Albuquerque.  Thanks!
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Great, I’ll direct message you in a day or two.

Great, I’ll direct message you in a day or two.